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The Edge, State Library of Queensland (State Library), has spent the past four years developing a platform for the documentation and distribution of programming materials to be launched as the SLQ Wiki.

This platform has been developed to reflect State Library’s commitment to sharing intellectual property which has been developed with public resources.

The initial release of the SLQ Wiki is based on content created at The Edge.

The Edge section of the SLQ Wiki is for development, documentation and testing of The Edge programming workshops, projects, equipment and events. It provides:

  • The Edge Programming specific knowledge
  • Insight into the creative process used at The Edge
  • Creative Commons licensed content free to distribute, modify, change and share

For an overview of what's happening on the site including recent activity and use statistics check out here.

The SLQ Wiki is for:

  • practitioners and professionals in public libraries and local government who are:
    • delivering State Library’s workshops
    • resourcing makerspaces
    • researching tools, materials, fittings and equipment
  • State Library workers to access Fabrication Lab equipment, programming and other resources
  • Community Members who are involved in building, planning and sharing community projects and events

As a working knowledge-base, the SLQ Wiki is used to capture the development and delivery of workshops, engagements and facilities, alongside the decision making logic.

This ensures that practitioners and professionals accessing the platform can understand the reason why decisions were made, and learn from State Library's experience. They also have the chance to contribute their own learnings.

Published on a wiki platform, these documents can be edited and improved on by community, shared, exported or printed freely. All content is release under a CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

The SLQ Wiki is built on the open source platform Dokuwiki and hosted by State Library. After the launch the SLQ Wiki will be publicly accessible. Local and regional library workers will be able to edit, create and upload content.

Accessing the SLQ Wiki

Anyone can access the publicly available content on the SLQ Wiki. This wiki has tools for exporting content which can be used under the Creative Commons license assigned.

Editing and Creating Content

To edit or create content you will need to log in to the SLQ Wiki and be assigned access, then contact the SLQ Wiki admin with the areas you expect to be working on.

State Library employees can log in with an email address. Other library and council staff first need to register as a State Library patron. We are hoping to automate this process in the near future, thank you for your patience.

What if my Queensland community needs an off-line Wiki?

If you are in a remote or regional community that experiences poor connectivity or has insufficient bandwidth to access a web-based resource, The SLQ Wiki can be delivered offline using affordable, off-the-shelf hardware. If you are interested in following this process please contact The Edge or SLQ Wiki admin.

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