Fabrication Lab

The Fabrication Lab provides all community with access to digital fabrication tools. It is an equitable access and not an equality of access. If there is a barrier to access to a community member we will remove it, not address it. Through the Fabrication Lab we will provide low cost/no cost hands-on training and learning opportunities to community. These opportunities will provide community with pathways to education, employment and seeing their ideas realised. The Fabrication Lab is not a commercial facility and we will work with the community to realise commercial goals through other avenues. The Fabrication Lab is about building a community around fabrication in Brisbane. The Fabrication Lab is about providing other GLAM sector institutions with the tools to engage with emergent fabrication/manufacturing practises.The Fabrication Lab will partner with education and industry to deliver programs unique to those partnerships. The Fabrication Lab is working towards being a Fab Lab and will meet the Fab Lab Charter. It would be worth y'all reading the Fab lab charter and seeing what questions this raises in your minds.

Once again see how the SLQ and The Edge Delivering of Promises for this facility are met.

We tend to think of Hack The Evening as something we do in the Fabrication Lab and that it is something different, separate; a meet up in our space that we have a hand in. It's not. It is the template for what the Fabrication Lab should be the entire time it is open. The Fabrication Lab is not a project space, which is the way it is treated/perceived at the moment. It is a community space for community activity; a FabLab or a HackerSpace. It is all about the community and what they create, not what is created and the community that did that. To be continued…

Procedures and Policy

The Edge has developed a range of Policies and Procedures to efficiently and consistently manage the delivery of Fabrication Lab programs.

Edge Fabrication Lab resources are accessed by four different client groups:

  • Community Use via Community Lab - access by individuals and informal groups
  • Fee For Service and Partnerships - access to resources by Education, NFP and Corporate sector
  • Program Development and capacity building

Terms and Conditions

In order to book and use the resources in the Fabrication Lab, The Edge Fabrication Lab User:

  • Has agreed to The Edge Terms of Use and Booking Terms and Conditions
  • Has signed up for an Account with The Edge
  • Has attended all relevant inductions
  • Has completed and signed all relevant paperwork

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Tools and Plant Access Policy

Competencies and other requirements for different Levels of Tool and Plant (TP) Access in The Edge Fabrication Lab Space.

There are 3 levels of induction for the tools/plant that can be accessed in The Edge Fabrication Lab. With each of these graduated levels of induction, individuals are authorized by Edge management to use the tools/plant under different levels of supervision. Each level of access also carries different levels of responsibility.

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