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Peter Musk [Memory Wire Origami]
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   - scissors   - scissors
   - craft knife (to score bends in design)   - craft knife (to score bends in design)
 +====Training the Memory Wire====
 +'​Training'​ the memory wire to a shape requires that it be strongly heated while being held in the desired shape. ​
 +A simple device to do this was constructed from a pierced metal screen, recycled from a computer tower case. The cooling holes found near internal fans form a small grid, with 3mm holes. By inserting 3mm machine screws in a pattern, and using two nuts to hold them in place, a heatproof jig was made.
 +{{ :​workshops:​public:​memory_wire_origami:​20160524_close_up_side.jpg?​nolink&​500 |}}
 +The wire was then twisted around the screws to make the desired shape, and more nuts added to fix the ends in place.
 +Heating was done using a portable bunsen burner (ie: a butane gas flame), moving across the wire until all parts of the wire had reached a dull red glow. After cooling, the wire was released, and the shape was fixed.
 +{{ :​workshops:​public:​memory_wire_origami:​20160524_detached.jpg?​nolink&​800 |}}
 +Lead wires had to be attached to either end of the memory wire shape so that the device could be incorporated into the final design. A length of multi-strand core copper woire was stripped, and disassembled to provide the thin copper wire required. Lengths of this wire were then firmly attached to the ends of the memory wire using small (imm) metal crimps available as jewelry making supplies. Firm crimping with pliers was needed to ensure a good connection.
 +First, a crimp was fitted onto the memory wire, and moved out of the way
 +{{ :​workshops:​public:​memory_wire_origami:​20160524_attach_crimp.jpg?​nolink&​800 |}}
 +Then the thin copper wire was twisted around the memory wire
 +{{ :​workshops:​public:​memory_wire_origami:​20160524_attach_wire3_.jpg?​nolink&​800 |}}
 +The crimp was slid down over the joined wires, and crushed closed with pliers.
 +{{:​workshops:​public:​memory_wire_origami:​20160524_crimp_on_wire.jpg?​nolink&​400 |}} 
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