Proposed Schedule

Day 1

0000 - 0015 Welcome / General induction -Welcome & Tour of the Fabrication Lab
-General Safety Induction
0015-0030 Ideas - What's you favourite Invention, What thing do you wish you'd invented
- whos your favourite maker, inventor.
-What makes a successful idea
Ideas are likeā€¦Seeds, Stars, Virus, beards, rabbits, Cars, arseholes
0030-0045 Why Making - Why do you make? Why do other people make? What motivates you to make? Why would you like to make?
0045-0115 How Making - Whats design thinking? Whats a design brief?
- what happens between a design brief and great project outcome?
- what makes a great maker
=actually making something, anything
=even finishing something
=a solution that at least partically fulfills the brief,
=an novel solution,
=an elegant or efficent solution,
=new learnings to be shared
0115-0130 make x out of y Pick a design brief from the hat
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