Peggy V1

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This workshop was delivered by Auxiliary Design School under a partnership with SLQ in 2018.

Practical Furniture – Things You Actually Need

Furniture today is quickly going the way of fast fashion, with whole new interiors being pitched to us in flat pack guides, magazines and Instagram. In response to this trend, we imagine an adaptive piece of furniture that can be more than just tomorrow’s landfill. A piece of furniture that can be configured to a multitude of purposes, that will grow with you over the years.

Introducing ‘Peggie’, the latest collaborative project by The Edge and AUXILIARY Design School. Peggie is constructed from a single sheet of ply, can be assembled in dual configurations, and used in endless ways. Build as a free standing or wall mounted structure for use as a sit down or stand up workstation, wardrobe, plant display, and much more. What is your purpose for Peggie?

The idea of a pegboard is nothing new, nor is adaptive furniture. The difference here is The Edge and AUXILIARY Design School are enabling you to make your own with minimal effort. Simply book in for your 2 day build, lead by the AUXILIARY team.

The dxf files are here for backup.

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