Mechanical Cabaret (Woodford version)

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Developed by Daniel Flood

This workshop will go live in prototype form at The Planting 2017 and will graduate to a workshop for Woodford Folk Festival 2017/18 (much like the lock did). Participants will construct a simple mechanical toy/kinetic sculpture. The intention is to use recycled plastic as the primary material to build these out of. Ideally the Steampunk LED workshop could plug into this unit, providing an extension activity that would integrate electricity into the design. Aim it to provide each participant with a box or parts, a base design and space to innovate on what they construct with some optional bits and pieces. Workshop should not run more than 90 minutes in a controlled environment, which hopefully gives us scope to complete in two hours it we're practised at it.

This will be the first TryIt off the rank this year too. Time to get developing.

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This were you put external links like LED generator


Reference book about Cabaret Mechanical Movement. There is print up of this somewhere near my desk.

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