Making with Mycelium: Mushroom Madness

Describes the activity in general terms, the audience (or client) and why it is a good idea.
Ends with developer attribution including the first delivery venue.

Activity Summary

Describe the activity being proposed and the engagement, skills and knowledge development value of this type of activity.


A suppliers list at the end is a good idea ,too.


Rename the steps as you like, use italics or bold for emphasis

Step Zero:

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:




Is where you put tweaks, insurmountable difficulties you have had to overcome, and blazing insights that have emerged.
Tips on using design files, laser settings etc are all useful.

Critical Success Factors

Which of the critical success factors does this Prototype target? For more details see SLQ-Strategic-Plan-2016-20

Enable Access

  1. - === Engage Community ===
  1. - === Build Capability ===
  1. - ==== Delivering of The Edge Promises ====

Aside from the SLQ Strategic Plan, there is The Edge's commitments to the community and the lens we look at it through. Here are a few more check boxes for you to answer

This empowers creative experimentation across...

  1. - - === It will inspireā€¦ ===
  1. - - ===== Feedback =====

1. Feedback:


2. Feedback:


3. Feedback:


4. Other observations:

This were you put external links like LED generator


This is where you put files for laser cutting etc..

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