We can use tags to:

  • audit current content:
    • identify existing ip to be documented as content on the wiki
    • identify what work needs to be done to bring existing content up to minimum spec
    • identify gaps in content and propose how these maybe resolved (whether as an internal work package or by engaging partner org/ volunteer to work on this)
  • Identify a potential key audience segments and define their information and usability needs
  • apply style guide to determine minimum spec of content - readability, clarity, truth/ relevance, usability as a resource
  • identify the work required

We are using now the tagging plugin 1). This plugin uses a separate form that appears on the right sidebar, instead of embedded syntax in the page (which can be slow to load, update, and delete).

  • Remember that spaces and commas make a new tag, so use underscores or no spaces in your tags.
  • Clicking the tag admin button lets you edit the tags in the sidebar.
  • With the admin button off, clicking a tag will search for that tag.
  • Tags are searchable with the # symbol in the main search.

Please use the list of tags below.

Tag Category Tag value Comment
Content Type idea ideas
planning planning
release release
Content Status complete Final
discussion requires discussion
incomplete incomplete - half finished
incomplete incomplete - needs further detail
out_of_date out of date info
up_to_date up to date
to_be_moved Not in the right section - Relevance
duplicate Duplicate of other content
needs image needs photos/diagrams
Stub Barely started
Orphan not connected to anything
Needs Revision revise_style Hard to read
revise_format needs reformatting
Audience/ interest SLQ_internal
PL_connect Library/local council
facilitators for facilitators
HtE Community
makerspace makerspace
public general QLD public
primary primary students
secondary secondary
tertiary higher education
edu for educators

Tagging Admin

You can manage all the tags for the entire wiki below.


The old tag still exist and work.
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