Apple DAW Set-up tips

This page explains how to create and set up a new user profile, which forms the basis of a default user that 'refreshes' on log-in. The procedure works on OSX 10.12 and is used The Edge Recording Studio.

Create a new user

  • Power on all recording studio hardware in the correct order and power on the computer.
  • Log on to a admin user account.
  • Under 'System Preferences' create a new user.
  • Detailed instructions can be found on the apple website here
  • Disable fast user switching in the 'Login Options' menu.

Set up User

  • Log out and log in to the new user and set up everything:
  • Modify the dock to show only the apps relevant to the recording studio.
  • Open the various DAWs and set the audio playback engine to 'HD'.
  • Adjust any other default settings.
  • Download any packs/loops/instruments etc.

Save default user and set up login script

  • Log out and log back in to the admin user.
  • Go to terminal and sudo su.
  • Save the user settings you just created by running the script located in /usr/Local/bin/
  • Nano to point to the right user.
  • contains the following commands:
   ditto /Users/username /Library/RecordingStudio/Templates/UserAccounts/username
   rm -r /Library/RecordingStudio/Templates/UserAccounts/username/Library/Application\ Support/
   rm -rf /Library/RecordingStudio/Templates/UserAccounts/username/Library/Keychains/*
   rm -rf /Library/RecordingStudio/Templates/UserAccounts/username/.bash_*
   chown -R root:wheel /Library/RecordingStudio/Templates/UserAccounts/username
   chmod -R 755 /Library/RecordingStudio/Templates/UserAccounts/username
  • Go to /usr/Local/bin/ and nano the script
  • Edit the script to point to the desired user account (the one you just created)
  • Save the script.
  • contains the following commands:
   # Did the lab user just log in?
   if [[ "$USERNAME" == "$LAB_USER_USERNAME" ]] ;
   #echo "Recreating username Account."
   # Delete the directory
   rm -rf "$LU_HOME_FOLER"
   # Recreate the directory
   chown -R "$LAB_USER_USERNAME:staff" "$LU_HOME_FOLDER"
   # Remove the notification
   # kill $!
  • Log out of admin and log into your new user to test that everything works ok.
  • Enable the with
sudo defaults write LoginHook /path/to/script

The new user should now be fully set up. Sit back and make some tunes!

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