Profile Toolpath

1. Select one or a number of toolpaths you wish to uniformly perform a an operation on

2. Enter the required cutting depth of this toolpath. if you want to cut through you may need to set a cut depth larger than the material thickness and into the waste board. Select the Tool you wish to use for this operation. Click on the Edit Button to check that the correct Spindle Speed, Feed Speed and Plunge Speeds are entered for the selected tool pair with the material you are cutting.

3. Choose the number of passes you would like to perform. Click on the Edit Passes button and either

  • Set the Last Pass Depth and click Apply.
  • Use the Path Depth List Utilities to Maintain Maximum Pass Depth by clicking the checkbox and the Set Passes button, or
  • Populate the Pass Depth Listing entering the Number of Passes and clicking Set Passes.

Its Best practice inexperience user to not exceed depth values per pass that are greater than to Tool diameter.

4. In Machine Vectors choose the tool offset value required for the operation.

  • Outside/Right
  • Inside/Left or
  • On the path.

5. Check the box and enter a depth to add a Final Pass clean up rough passes where required.

6. Check the Add Tabs to your Toolpath box where required and Click on the Edit Tabs button to enter the Number of Tabs or spacing via the Constant Distance between Tabs option. Before Closing this dialogue you can check the position of the tabs for hold and easy cleaning by click and dragging existing tabs into a new position or clicking on the path to add more tabs. When you are happy with their arrangement click close.

7. For most jobs the Ramp, Lead, Order, Start At and Corner functions can be deselected as well as the Project Toolpath onto 3D Model

8. When you have finished entering and check these setting click the Calculate button and Vcarve process the operation settings and render a 3D preview of the toolpath operation.

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