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   * Image tracing   * Image tracing
-Requirements and prerequisites:​ 
-This is an intermediate course, and requires a solid understanding of Illustrator,​ its common tools and terminology. If you are new to Photoshop, please attend Adobe Illustrator for beginners first. 
-Intro to Mac class or proficiency with the Mac operating system. 
 ====== Workshop Outline 1 ====== ====== Workshop Outline 1 ======
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 Open up Adobe Illustrator and create a New Document Open up Adobe Illustrator and create a New Document
 +====  ====
-That's it for the beginner'​s guide to Adobe Illustrator!+That's it for our introduction ​to Adobe Illustrator!
 ====== Workshop Outline 2 ====== ====== Workshop Outline 2 ======
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