Procedures and Policy

The Edge has developed a range of Policies and Procedures to efficiently and consistently manage the delivery of Fabrication Lab programs.

Edge Fabrication Lab resources are accessed by four different client groups:

  • Community Use via Community Lab - access by individuals and informal groups
  • Fee For Service and Partnerships - access to resources by Education, NFP and Corporate sector
  • Program Development and capacity building

Terms and Conditions

In order to book and use the resources in the Fabrication Lab, The Edge Fabrication Lab User:

  • Has agreed to The Edge Terms of Use and Booking Terms and Conditions
  • Has signed up for a State LibaryAccount.
  • Has attended all relevant inductions
  • Has completed and signed all relevant paperwork

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Tools and Plant Access Policy

Competencies and other requirements for different Levels of Tool and Plant (TP) Access in The Edge Fabrication Lab Space.

There are 3 levels of induction for the tools/plant that can be accessed in The Edge Fabrication Lab. With each of these graduated levels of induction, individuals are authorized by Edge management to use the tools/plant under different levels of supervision. Each level of access also carries different levels of responsibility.

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