Through The Edge Fabrication Lab, SLQ provides individuals and communities with access to digital fabrication tools, access to low cost/no cost hands-on training and learning opportunities. The Fabrication Lab also provides a setting for our diverse communities, drawn from a wide range of interests and backgrounds, to come together, connect, collaborate and explore the creative potential of these resources.

Having the Fabrication Lab has also greatly increased the scope of art, science, technology and enterprise engagement activities. The Edge staff have been able to develop, deliver, document and share with the network of regional, interstate and international libraries, maker spaces and educators that connect with us.

As these resources have become embedded, a number of other SLQ units have also become interested in accessing these resources and the expertise that we have developed alongside these. The Edge team is excited about the opportunity for these resources to extend the capacity of SLQ across the board and has develop a Request Form and FAQs to facilitate the process.

SLQ Staff Contact Details

  • SLQ Unit / Department
  • Contact Name & Position
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Cost Centre & Account Code
  • Manager to approve costs, Name and Emai

Project/ Job Details

  • Brief Description of Project/Job - What you want to do?
  • Timelines – how long do you think it will take? When does work need to be complete?
  • Have you done this kind of thing before?
  • Have you completed the Edge induction on tools required to complete the job?
  • Have you been talking to an Edge Staff member about this Project/Job?


Do I need to do this if I’m making something for myself or a friend?

No, this information relates to Internal SLQ business. If you want to access the resources as a private individual you can use the booking facilities via our website.

What times will I be able to use the tools?

After we receive your request we’ll organize a booking time around community use. Generally speaking the Fabrication Lab is open for community use between 12pm and 8pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday. We also sometimes have workshops Sundays. Internal Access can be organized any time outside these hours when a Fabrication Lab Supervisor is available.

Can we just get you to do it for us?

We don’t really like doing that. We have our own work to do and it is a missed opportunity for other SLQ units to develop capacity. We will induct staff in the safe use of the tools, and supervise you. We can teach you how to use our design software and assist you to get the job ready to go. However if it’s a bigger project and there are some common strategic outcomes The Edge may be interested in collaborating with your unit. With advance warning The Edge can also organize one of our many talented contractors to come in and complete the work for you.

What’s involved in getting inducted?

The Edge has a formal competency based Induction that you need to complete before using:

• Laser Cutter

• 3D Printer

• CNC Router

• Sewing Machine

• Hand Tools

• Power Tools

• Soldering Irons

The inductions generally take 2 hours and you can book into one of our public inductions via our eventbrite page . Or we can organize one of our contract Facilitators to come in and induct you.

What if I already know how to use the tools, do I still need to complete an induction?

Yes, we still need to make sure you understand our workflows and safety procedures, however we may be able to sign you off in an abridged version via a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

What costs can I expect to pay?

Just like community members you’ll need to pay for the materials you use.

If you want to schedule the work to be carried out outside of our Fab Lab Supervisor's availability/span of hours you may need to pay for a contract machinist /supervisor.

Can I bring my own materials?

Yes but it is easiest to use materials sourced from one of the Edge’s trusted suppliers. Materials which are not on The Edge 'Approved Materials List' will have to be tested by us to ensure that they meet our quality and safety standards. This process takes a minimum of two weeks.

Do I really need someone supervising me the whole time?

If you feel confident in using the tools and you have logged the minimum hours on the machines, we can arrange for you to complete the process of being signed off as a Level 2 (independent) user or Level 3 Supervisor/Facilitator.

Aspects to consider when assessing internal requests for support

As requests for support are developed Edge staff are asked to consider and explain where necessary the following:

  • The earlier we can become involved in the planning of a project the better. Edge Staff understand the capacity of the resources and how they can be used
  • Involvement in the earlier stages of the planning may enable increased internal capacity development or opportunities for community development
  • The Edge has very little space for the storage of raw materials, completed jobs and/or components awaiting assembly
  • The Edge communities are our first priority. As such, community bookings for resources/support and scheduled programming using tools/space and staff support take first priority.
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