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 +=====3D Printer Filament=====
 +All materials need to be tested to make sure they are safe to use in The Edge's 3D Printers. Different materials can cause damage to the equipment and can be hazardous to the health and safety of the operator and other people in the Fabrication Lab.
 +All participants completing a 3D Printer induction are informed of the Edge's policy that all new materials need to be approved before use in the 3D Printers.
 +Users of the 3D Printers can apply 14 days in advance to use a new material and are asked to provide a sample of the material and MSDS sheets pertaining to the material and any other treatments applied to the material.
 +All new material must be used with active extraction or in a large, well ventilated space.
 +All PLA will be eSun branded and purchased through a reputable supplier. Lab users can discuss with Applied Creativity staff members whether a particular supplier is suitable.
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