CNC Materials

This section contains information around the use of materials for use with the CNC.

Standard plywood supplied is 1200 x 1200mm (half-sheet) CD grade ply, thickness 15mm.

Expanded Foam can be cut with the router, but requires finishing by hand for an acceptable smooth finish.


It seems that expanded foam has a “grain” in it. If you sand the wrong way it can tear up the foam. Make sure to find the direction of the the foam for smooth sanding results. Fine grade sandpaper works wonders.

If you need to use hole cutters after being used in the CNC make sure it is fine-tooted otherwise the foam will tear.

Hot glue works with the material but try to avoid if possible as the tip of the hot glue gun can damage the material (Bosch). Lower heat glue guns will work better than the Bosch ones. Using Steel Tough Wellbond Universal Adhesive works great with the material and reduces the chance to damage the foam. It dries clear.

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