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 Set the depth in the path dialogue. Set the depth in the path dialogue.
-  * Depth - How far **above** the bottom of the wastebed ​the router starts its cut.  +  * Depth - How far **above** the bottom of the waste board the router starts its cut.  
-    * we generally finishing ​0.2 of a millimetre ​below your material thickness+    * Currently add an additional ​0.5mm below your material thickness ​(checked 27/4/19) 
 +    * This may change after each service and/or waste board planing)  
 +    * If your material is 15mm thick (make sure to measure) then the cut depth should be 15.5mm
  ==== Feeds, Plunge and Speeds ====  ==== Feeds, Plunge and Speeds ====
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