Handtools Induction - Practical Exercise


In this workshop participants will assemble a laser cut LED badge and familarises themselves with the variety and safe use of hand tools in The Edge Fabrication Fab. This activity makes up the practical exercise for the Edges Hand tools induction


Part # Part Name Image
Laser Cut Parts
1 badge front
2 logo
3 Battery retainer
4 Battery back
Other Parts
5 Cr2032 Calculator Cell (Battery)
6 Flashing 5mm LED (various colours)
7 3M nut
8 3M 12mm screw
9 Metal Badge Back


  1. Hot glue gun & glue
  2. Pointy nose pliers
  3. Philips head screwdriver
  4. Awl
  5. Adjusting spanner
  6. Countersinking bit
  7. Cordless Drill
  8. Hand saw
  9. Clamp
  10. Sand paper

Assembly Instructions

Step Zero:

  • Check you have all you parts and that these are cut through cleanly. If you need to clean up laser cut parts with sand paper and an awl.
  • Check you have all the tools you require.

Step One:

  • With the Cordless Drill and a counter sink bit, countersink the hole in the Battery back (Part 4)
  • Separate the Battery Retainer (Part 3) from the Battery Back by sawing the part in half.

Make sure you clamp the material down when you are applying force - using a drill or saw

Step Two:

  • with hot glue, stick the Battery Retainer (part3) to the back of the Badge Front (Part1) make sure you have aligned the screw holes and LED holes on both parts.

Hot Glue Burns - if you manage to get hot glue on you skin cool it under cold running water immediately. trying to wipe it off will spread the burniness around.

Step Three:

* Test your LED (part 6) by placing the long leg over the positive (+) of the Cell(battery)(part 5) and and the short leg over the negative (-) side.

  • with pliers bend the short leg over at 90 deg and back on itself
  • place LED into hole on the badge (from the back side)
  • orient the LED so the short bent leg is inboard- towards the cell (battery) and the positive (+) long leg is outboard.

Step Three: - Continued

  • Turn the badge over so you are looking at the face and hot glue the LED in the hole in this position from the front
  • Turn the badge over again so it is face down and insert the Cell (battery) with the positive (+) up.

Step Four:

* Bend the long positive leg over the Cell and back on itself

The LED should Light up.

Step Five:

  • Align the Battery Back (Part 4) screw hole with the screw hole in the badge front/ battery retainer.
  • Insert Screw (part) from back to front and screw on nut.
  • Allow nut to seat in captured nut recess on Badge Front
  • Tighten Nut and bolt using Phillips head screwdriver and adjustable spanner.

TryIt and Feedback


This workshop requires

  • the below to be cut out on the laser. Total cutting/ etching time (for 60 parts) = 1.5 hours


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