3D Printing Induction

In this induction you will learn lots of groovy stuff

  • how to operate our UPmini 3D printers
  • what you can achieve with our printers
  • how to make a simple 3D design for print in Tinkercad
  • how to make your designs 3D printer friendly
  • how to identify problems and what to do when problems occur.

This is the assesment that you will complete during the induction.

  • Participants must be over 16 years of age
  • Enclosed, flat footwear must be worn at all times
  • Please register for an Edge Account (if you haven't already).

The induction contains a introduction to tinkercad, a simple web based 3D design tool.

  • Objects are built from a basis of pre-made shapes,
  • that are combined, grouped and used to cut and build upon each other.
  • Tinkercad can be used to create complex models.

We have a basic introduction to Tinkercad as a PDF

Up Mini 2

UP mini 1 (retired)

Other 3D printers

Katherine Barnes, 2019/05/13 12:15
when can I get into an induction for this I'm super keen / dropped a post in the discussion earlier but couldn't find a post/send button only a save which it didn't appear to do. ?????

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