Custom Fittings

These are the solutions created by The Edge Programming team for in-house fit-out or take-aways from workshops or inductions.

With limited resources and budget, in-house fittings are based upon recycled or salvaged equipment from SLQ, donated materials or surplus from workshops.

Take-aways from workshops are designed for minimal material use, and fast machine time1) . All are designed and built in-house.

Current Fittings - In Use

De-comissioned Fittings

3D Printer Fume Hoods - decom

Created in-house by Holly Pepper

On the CNC Router this can be distilled to one face, one tool - i.e. single sided material, with no tool changes. For the Laser Cutter this is combined cuts,minimal engrave i.e overlapping lines are combined into single paths, little to no engraving
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