Documentation, usage guidelines and logs for Commercial Off the Shelf Equipment purchase by the State Library for use in the Fabrication Lab.

This includes the laser cutter, 3d printers, cnc-router, sewing machines, laptops.

OHS information and standard operating procedures can be found here: OHS

Model Manufacturer Commissioning Date
Laser Cutter / Engraver Rayjet 300 Trotec 2015
CNC Router M 2412 Multicam 2017
3d Printer FDM Prusa_i3_Mk3s Prusa Research 2019
3d Printer FDM Up Mini UP 2014 (Decommissioned 2017)
3d Printer FDM Up Mini 2 UP 2017 (Decommissioned 2019)
3d Printer FDM Possum 3d Industries Australia 2016
3d Printer FDM Taz 5 Lulzbot 2016
Domestic Sewing Machine 730 Series Bernina 2013
Domestic Overlocker 700d Overlocker Bernina 2014
Poly-bag Sealer Venus Impulse Sealer Venus 2013
Windows OS Laptop Zbook 15 HP 2015
Vinyl Cutter Stika SV12 Roland 2014 (Decommissioned 2016)
Vinyl Cutter Camm-1 GS24 Roland 2016
Air compressor (attached to M-2412 CNC) FBT 5100 Full_Boar 2017
Hot Air Station 858 Series Dongfeng HanDing Electronics Equipment Factory 2017
Energy Meter PC222 Energy Meter Arlec 2017
Soldering Iron WTCPT Weller 2015
Soldering Iron TS-1620 Duratech 2017
Power Supply KA300D Konrad 2019
Power Supply LW-K3010D Longwei 2019
Multimeter BM235 Brymen 2019
Oscilloscope 54621A Agilent 2019
Windows OS Laptop HP 2019
HP Sprout 3D Scanner HP Sprout HP 2019
Drill Press
Disk Sander / Linisher
Router Table
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