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 +======Turing Tumble======
 +{{:​digital_literacy:​technology_resources:​turingtumble.jpg?​nolink |}}Turing Tumble is a new type of game where players build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles. Use ramps, crossovers, bits, interceptors,​ gears, and gear bits to build marble-powered computers that can generate patterns, do logic, count, add, subtract, multiply, divide, and much, much more.
 +| **Recommended Ages** | Year 3+ (ages 8+) |
 +| **Product Cost** | $90-$100 |
 +| **Where to Purchase** | Turning Tumble can be purchased from their Australian distributor [[https://​core-electronics.com.au/​|Core Electronics]] |
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
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