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 +{{:​digital_literacy:​technology_resources:​tapit:​tapit.jpg?​nolink |}}TAPit: Touch Accessible Platform Interactive Technology is a touch accessible learning platform designed to provide accessibility to students of all learning abilities. TAPit offers an interface for teaching students with special educational needs at their own pace, by reinforcing skills that can be transferred to other computer-based learning applications using the Internet, educational software, or communication devices. This unique platform serves a wide range of special needs by providing easily accessible screen and LCD panel adjustments,​ in addition to offering multiple modes of learning that accommodate tactile, visual and auditory learners, among others.
 +| **Recommended Ages** | All ages |
 +| **Product Cost** | >$17,000 |
 +| **Where to Purchase** | TAPit can be purchased from [[https://​thebrainary.com/​|the Brainary]] |
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
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