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 +======Tube Soccer======
 +//Activity developed by [[http://​westerndownslibraries.com/​|Western Downs Libraries]]//​\\ ​
 +<WRAP 400px>
 +| **Age group** ​                        | Year 3 to Year 7 (ages 8 to 12)            |
 +| **Method** ​                           | Individually ​ |
 +| **Participant to facilitator ratio** ​ | 8:1                                        |
 +| **Duration** ​                         | 50 mins                      |
 +====Aim/Key Learning====
 +Drive a group of Spheros as a team to push a tube into the goals.
 +  * Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
 +  * Prediction skills
 +====Preparation and Materials Required====
 +  * Sphero and iPad (with the Sphero Drive app installed) per individual or group
 +  * Ensure that each Sphero is paired to an iPad and charged
 +  * Floor space of at least 4m x 4m
 +  * 4 witches hats as goals
 +  * PVC or Mailing tube
 +=====Activity Steps=====
 +====1. Setup====
 +**Time:** 5 mins\\ ​
 +Setup the field with 2 goals at each and and the tube in the middle of the field.\\ ​
 +====2. Introduction====
 +**Time:** 10 mins\\ ​
 +Introduce yourself, participants introduce themselves, cover any housekeeping. Cover basic group rules such as working together, being respectful and taking turns. Explain the aim of the workshop (//'​Today we are playing soccer with Spheros and a tube instead of a soccer ball. We will be controlling the Spheros using the Sphero Drive app on the iPads.'//​).
 +Show the participants how to drive the Sphero and face the Sphero the right way.\\ ​
 +====3. Practice====
 +**Time:** 10 mins\\ ​
 +Distribute the Spheros and iPads and have the participants take turns in driving the Sphero around and outside the field. If you are short of space within your library, use the field without the tube or goals.\\ ​
 +====4. Play====
 +**Time:** 20 mins\\ ​
 +Ask participants to place their Spheros on the field within their half.
 +The game now begins. After each goal, reset the field and go again!\\ ​
 +====5. Evaluation and Closing====
 +**Time:** 5 mins\\ ​
 +At the end of the session, ask for volunteers to share their learnings or how they found the session. Thank everyone for their participation and team work.\\ ​
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