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 +======Obstacle Drawing Course======
 +//Activity developed by [[http://​westerndownslibraries.com/​|Western Downs Libraries]]//​\\ ​
 +<WRAP 400px>
 +| **Age group** ​                        | Year 3 to Year 7 (ages 8 to 12)            |
 +| **Method** ​                           | Individually ​ |
 +| **Participant to facilitator ratio** ​ | 8:1                                        |
 +| **Duration** ​                         | 50 mins                      |
 +====Aim/Key Learning====
 +Drive a Sphero along an obstacle course in one go.
 +  * Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
 +  * Prediction skills
 +====Preparation and Materials Required====
 +  * Sphero and iPad (with the Sphero Drive app installed) per individual
 +  * Ensure that each Sphero is paired to an iPad and charged
 +  * Floor space of at least 4m x 4m
 +  * Obstacles such as witches hats
 +  * Materials to build ramps and walls such as cardboard and masking tape
 +=====Activity Steps=====
 +====1. Setup====
 +**Time:** 5-20 mins\\ ​
 +<WRAP info round box 800px center>​If this step is to be done as a group, perform it after the **Introduction** step</​WRAP>​
 +Design the obstacle course either yourself or as a group as part of the activity. The time allocated will be dependant on the size of the course and if materials need to be constructed.\\ ​
 +====2. Introduction====
 +**Time:** 10 mins\\ ​
 +Introduce yourself, participants introduce themselves, cover any housekeeping. Cover basic group rules such as working together, being respectful and taking turns. Explain the aim of the workshop (//'​Today we are attempting to control a Sphero using the Sphero Drive app on the iPad to navigate through the obstacle course, in one go!'//​).
 +Show the participants how to drive the Sphero and face the Sphero the right way.\\ ​
 +====3. Practice====
 +**Time:** 10 mins\\ ​
 +Distribute the Spheros and iPads and have the participants take turns in driving the Sphero around the obstacle course.\\ ​
 +====4. Go!====
 +**Time:** 20 mins\\ ​
 +Ask participants to place their Spheros at their feet and attempt to complete the obstacle course in one draw.
 +Explain that if they fail, they are to go and pick up the Sphero and try again.\\ ​
 +====5. Evaluation and Closing====
 +**Time:** 5 mins\\ ​
 +At the end of the session, ask for volunteers to share their learnings or how they found the session. Thank everyone for their participation and team work.\\ ​
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