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 +======PowerUp 3.0 Paper Plane Time Challenge======
 +{{ :​digital_literacy:​technology_resources:​powerup_planes:​powerup_plane.jpg?​nolink|}}//​Activity developed by [[https://​www.redland.qld.gov.au/​info/​20157/​libraries|Redland City Council Libraries]]//​\\ ​
 +<WRAP 400px>
 +| **Age group** | Year 3+ (ages 8+) |
 +| **Method** | Drop-in activity |
 +| **Participant to facilitator ratio** | 2 staff available |
 +| **Duration** | 1 hour 10 mins |
 +====Aim/Key Learning====
 +Participants will work individually to fine tune the design of a paper plane in an attempt to have the longest flight time with a Bluetooth propeller attached. The planes will be controlled by a connected tablet.
 +This activity encourages participants to think creatively to produce a paper plane that will fly the furthest given a set of pre- determined parameters and control the plane using the tablet.
 +====Preparation and Materials Required====
 +  * Paper
 +  * Paperclips
 +  * Bulldog clips
 +  * Scissors
 +  * Gaffer Tape for marking distance
 +  * PowerUp 3.0 bluetooth propellers
 +  * Tokens
 +  * Stopwatch (or smartphone)
 +  * Organise tablets and ensure the PowerUp app is installed
 +  * Ensure all parts for the remote control paper planes are in the box
 +  * Charge the tablets
 +  * Set up the flying area by taping off a no-walk zone
 +=====Activity Steps=====
 +====1. Instruction and Demonstration====
 +**Time:** 15 min\\ 
 +Introduce all staff members; speak about what the activity is, what we will go through today and what will be achieved in the timeframe.
 +  * Housekeeping (toilets, emergencies etc.)
 +  * Hand out tokens as participants enter.
 +  * Show video: [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=d0T-AicGVXs]]
 +  * Demonstration of Bluetooth Paper Plane
 +  * Explain rules:
 +    * Judge’s decision is final
 +    * Three tokens only per participant. Each token represents a small amount of ‘bonus’ flight time.
 +    * The decision at flight time to use tokens is final. Participants will need to weigh up if they should use a token for a longer flight time or save them for upcoming rounds.
 +    * If flight times in the following rounds are shorter than previous recorded times the past results are null and void. The environment is a major player in the conditions at the time of flying.
 +    * Participants are given one minute grace period to find the best weather conditions – after the minute the participant is automatically disqualified.
 +    * New planes cannot be made. If a plane crashes amendments such as perfecting folding creases and adjusting the rudder and elevators as well as weights is allowed.
 +    * The same paper plane design is to be used by all participants.
 +    * The placement of the Bluetooth propeller will be the same on each
 +====2. Folding and Testing Planes====
 +**Time:** 20 min\\ 
 +  * Have participants make the paper plane by using the power up 3.0 design instructions at [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=Am9HxLY_WYU]]
 +  * Allow participants to test the design and prototype any alterations desired to increase fly time.
 +  * Encourage participants to adapt design, adjusting elevators, sharpness of creases, plane size, etc.
 +====3. Time Challenge====
 +**Time:** 30 min\\ 
 +  * Run '​knockout'​ rounds of plane flights, timing each flight with the stopwatch. Each individual has their turn until two are remaining for the final round.
 +  * If possible, this activity should be run in a large space or outdoors (during calm weather)
 +  * Staff may decide whether to provide a small prize to the overall winner, or post their photo announcing them as the winner of the competition
 +====4. Evaluation and Closing====
 +**Time:** 5 min\\ 
 +At the end of the session, ask for volunteers to share their learnings or how they found the session. Thank everyone for their participation and team work.\\ ​
 +====Additional Inspiration and Resources====
 +  * [[https://​youtu.be/​aFX9DHrgZB4|Paper plane folding tips and tricks (Plane stability)]]
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