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 {{section>​digital_literacy:​clippings#​loanable_kits}} {{section>​digital_literacy:​clippings#​loanable_kits}}
 =====Use In Libraries===== =====Use In Libraries=====
-Add any cases of the item being used in libraries ​and if any grants ​where used to obtain ​the itemSeperate each library using ====Library Name====. Delete this section if there are no cases.+====Cunnamulla Library==== 
 +Situated 910 km South West of Brisbane (three-hours by plane) is the remote town of Cunnamulla. With a population of only 1865, Cunnamulla is considered a low socio-economic area. However, the town boasts a diverse and passionate community, eager to develop skills relevant for the 21st century. 
 +Two years ago, this was made possible when the town 's public library became the owner of a NAO Humanoid Robot after successfully applying for a Coding and Robotics Grant through State Library of Queensland. And they haven’t looked back. The Library uses NAO regularly for: 
 +  * Storytelling time 
 +  * Aiding students with learning difficulties 
 +  * Helping those in the community challenged ​ with dementia 
 +  * Improving students’ overall linguistic skills 
 +Librarian Tammy, explains: "​During the two plus years we have had our Humanoid Robot, it has proved invaluable to our community. 
 +"Our robot has also been used in other innovative ways, such as opening a community meeting, ​and is an integral part of our 0-5 weekly program ​where we bring it out to do the alphabet with the children as well as some of the other favourite nursery rhymesNao’s appearance is always the highlight of any program we use it in." 
 +[[http://​www.educationtoday.com.au/​news-detail/​NAO-is-the-highlight-of-Cunnamulla-Library-3660|Read the original article]] 
 +Noosa Library Service has become the first Australian public library to recruit a ‘NAO’ (pronounced ‘now'​) humanoid robot, which they have named ‘Dewey’The fully-programmable robot’s mission is to provide fun and practical robotics and computer programming training for adults and young people‘Dewey’ assists the Noosa Library Service by presenting robotic demonstrations,​ programming workshops, cyber safety eSmart messages, storytelling and special appearances at all 3 branches of the Library Service. 
 +The Noosa Library Service intend to provide training on how to operate Dewey, to organisations who work with specific groups such as children on the autism spectrum and older people with dementia. This will provide an opportunity for them to explore how ‘Dewey’ can be used to help bridge communication and learning challenges. 
 +Dewy was purchased with the help of a $18K grant through the State Library of Queensland'​s Technology Trendsetters 2015 funding program. 
 +[[http://​www.brainaryinteractive.com/​news/​2015/​12/​15/​robots-for-everyone-a-first-for-australian-public-libraries|Read the original article]]
 =====Activities===== =====Activities=====
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 =====Resources===== =====Resources=====
 +<WRAP important round box 800px center>
 +Note that Choregraphe 2.1.4 no longer works on MacOS Catalina.
 Choregraphe License Key: 654e-4564-153c-6518-2f44-7562-206e-4c60-5f47-5f45 Choregraphe License Key: 654e-4564-153c-6518-2f44-7562-206e-4c60-5f47-5f45
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