Dash & Dot

Dot is a puppet master who instigates the adventures that Dash goes on. When you toss, shake, or pick up Dot, Dot sends a signal telling Dash what to do!

Children send commands to the robots to move them, light then up and have them detect the world around them using a coding app on your tablet.

Recommended Ages Prep to Year 3 (ages 5 to 8)
Product Cost $320 for the Dash only kit
$450 for combined Dash & Dot kit
Accessories start from $60
Where to Purchase Kits can be purchased from Modern Teaching Aides

Product Requirements

  • A tablet is required

Loanable Kits

State Library does not have kits of this item available for loan to libraries.

Please contact Inclusive Communities, or phone 07 3842 9058 with any queries.

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