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 +======Pirates Treasure======
 +<WRAP 400px>
 +| **Age group** | Prep to Year 2 (ages 5 to 7) |
 +| **Method** | Individually or Small groups (2 children) |
 +| **Participant to facilitator ratio** | 4:1 |
 +| **Duration** | 1 hour |
 +====Aim/Key Learning====
 +Program a Beebot to navigate around a map to locate the treasure.
 +  * Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
 +  * Introduction to procedural coding
 +  * Prediction skills
 +  * Teamwork skills
 +====Preparation and Materials Required====
 +  * Book Training space
 +  * Beebot per individual or group
 +  * Floor space of 4m x 4m
 +  * Print out map pieces or butchers paper for the map
 +  * Masking tape to stick down map pieces or butchers paper
 +  * Pens to mark out the treasure map (if using butchers paper)
 +=====Activity Steps=====
 +====1. Construction of the Map====
 +**Time:** 5 mins\\ ​
 +Using either the printed version of the map or butchers paper, create the treasure map.\\ ​
 +If you are drawing a map using butchers paper, keep in mind that the Beebot moves around 15cms for each forward or backward step.\\
 +To make it more challenging,​ some spaces can be marked as one way or the Beebot may need to first collect a coloured key to open a coloured door.\\ ​
 +====2. Introduction====
 +**Time:** 10 mins\\ ​
 +Introduce yourself, participants introduce themselves, cover any housekeeping. Cover basic group rules such as working together, being respectful and taking turns. Explain the aim of the workshop (above – //'​Today we are going to program a Beebot to find the treasure chest on the map. However the Beebot is only small, is scared of water and cannot fly over things!'//​).\\ ​
 +Show the participants how to program the Beebot. Conduct a Brief demonstration of the Beebot navigating through the map (//However don't complete it!//​)\\ ​
 +====3. Experiment and Explore====
 +**Time:** 40 mins\\ ​
 +Participants take turns to program the Beebot to navigate the map to get to the treasure chest using the shortest path possible. Remember that the Beebot cannot swim, nor climb mountains or other obstacles on the map. When the Beebot makes a wrong move or runs into something, the coordinator should clear the previous programming commands and place the Beebot at the start for the next participant.\\ ​
 +====4. Evaluation and Closing====
 +**Time:** 5 mins\\ ​
 +At the end of the session, ask for volunteers to share their learnings or how they found the session. Thank everyone for their participation and team work.\\ ​
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