Scratch Game Making Series

Scratch is a free, block-based editor that allows you to simply create stories, games and animations.

Scratch is designed for 8 to 16 year olds, helping young people think creatively and systematically. In this series, James Collins from Inclusive Communities and going to show you how you can use Scratch to create interactive games.

Would you like to see a video on how to create a particular game item, or a game itself? Then contact James and we will look at adding it to the series!

Episode 1 - Jump Cat Jump

In the first of our videos, learn to create a simple game with animation and sound effects.

Jump Cat Jump Saved Workspace

Episode 2 - Bug Shooter

For our second video, we learn how to create clones of sprites, random variables and a game over screen.

Bug Shooter Saved Workspace

Episode 3 - Flappy Bird Clone

Our third video is going to show how you can make your very own flappy bird clone with background music and keeping 2 scrolling sprites in synchronisation.

Video coming soon

Game Resources

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