Queensland Minecraft

Queensland Minecraft is a program to allow participants to use design thinking and game-based learning to construct their community within the Minecraft 3D environment. During the sessions, participants use mapping techniques to recreate their regions while learning about the history of landmarks and features of the area.

Current Worlds

World name World type Maintaining Library Description
Creative world Creative State Library QLD A free for all creative world
Dream library Creative State Library QLD The result of the Create your dream library

Requesting your Own World

The Queensland Minecraft server is open for any library within the Regional Libraries Queensland/Indigenous Knowledge Centres network to use to run activities. If you would like a world created specifically for your program, please send us an email at ic@slq.qld.gov.au. Also don't forget that users are required to be on the white-list to connect, so we will need those usernames as well!

Connecting to the Server

The State Library Minecraft Server uses a white-list to manage who can connect to the server. Libraries can submit usernames to be added to the white-list to ic@slq.qld.gov.au.

This version is only available for Tablet clients. Users who use the Mac/PC version of Minecraft will not be able to connect to the State Library server.

Server name: QLD Minecraft
IP address: server.qldminecraft.com.au
Port: 19152

If you want to know further information, please contact Inclusive Communities.

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